Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Journal: Tenth and Eleventh Month

Dearest Bean,

How the last two months have flown and, now, we are less than four weeks away from your first birthday! Incredible! Back in January I mentioned that I was going back to work full time and just two weeks later your Dada started his new job and he was no longer home to help get you ready in the mornings. I didn't really anticipate the change and so for the first week your mama was late to work every single day. Oops.


The following week was the coldest on record for something like 75 years and the snow didn't melt for ages. This was also the week you got a mysterious bumpy red rash ALL over your back. Two days later when I picked you up from Janice's you were sporting a temperature of 102. Your first temperature EVER. I was a teeny bit concerned but I know I can't keep the viruses and bacteria away from you forever so we stocked up on children's tylenol and tried to get you to bed as early as possible. Not two hours after you had been tucked in you woke up, a most uncommon occurrence nowadays, and so I went to check on you and that's when I realized you were a roasting little inferno. So, I took your temperature which was not nearly as easy as it sounds considering we had to put the thermometer in your armpit and hold it there for an eternity before we heard the wretched little finishing "beep" and that's when we realized your fever had spiked to 103. In less than 4 seconds I had Children's Hospital on the phone while surfing the Internet about fever's in babies because I didn't have A CLUE what to do or if this was normal. It turns out your temperature can reach 104 before we needed to take you into the ER but seeing as we were just one tiny infinitesimal degree away from that number I was prepared to keep the midnight oil aflame and hold you until you were able to fall asleep.


Except you never fell asleep for more than 39 seconds at a time and then you'd wake up in a burst of tears and I had to carry you around while you struggled to get comfortable, drooling and dribbling all over my shoulders, face, and hair. It was a long night, I didn't get to bed until 5 am when you had finally crashed out of sheer exhaustion. You were up again at 7 am and so was I. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stein and went in around 9:30. And after you were poked, prodded, and swabbed we found out that you had THE FLU and it turns out there's nothing other than "rest and fluids" when it comes to flu treatment in a baby. So, that's what we did. You were a real trooper though, after that terrible, terrible night, your fever continued to drop and after a few days and lots of extra naps you were back to your old self. I, however, was no so fortunate and suffered through the flu the following weekend. I didn't have the luxury of being carried around and held all night but the liberal doses of Nyquil and Theraflu made up for it.


It turns out that the same time the flue was working it's way through your system 4 teeth were attempting to make their presence known. You are now the proud owner of two dainty little bottom teeth, and two razor sharp top teeth, one of which came in much more quickly then the other and you have a bit of Quasimodo thing going on and it looks like you've inherited the Cachares "gap". Yes, I think you're in for some serious orthodontia work in the future but for now your the most charming toothy baby that ever was.


Your vocabulary is a whopping 4 words now: Mama, Dada, Baba, Ba (Ball) with a few random words thrown in the mix like Mon-Mon for Bonnie. You've started giving hugs, we call 'em squeezes, and you get SO excited by this, you hug everything, your ball, Henry, the furniture, , a head of lettuce. There have been a few attempts at kisses but it's more of an open-mouth slobbery mess and your always aiming for the chin. You still have a lot to learn in that area.


I have a feeling you'll be walking on or before you first birthday. You hardly hold on to us when we hold your hands and have you step around the house (there's was one evening where you goose-stepped everywhere, these high, straight-leg kicks, it was rather hilarious) and you've got the cruising thing down. The other morning we were all in the family room, spending a lazy Sunday morning together, when all of a sudden you hoisted your blue ball up over your head and you stood up all on your own and then casually attempted to toss your ball across the room! Your Dada and I were amazed! We had no idea you had it in you, we just sat their with our eyes like saucers, jaws gaping. Meanwhile you were as nonchalant as ever, like, "Geez, people, ever seen a baby before?! Sheesh." I swear, if you could have rolled your eyes, you would have.

flash card

Your fascination with the cats has grown and with it their aversion to you. I think it's your volume and the fact that you haven't mastered "gentle hands" yet but still have a bone-crushing grip when it comes to grabbing their fur, ears, or tails. Bonnie will at least let you pet her with my close supervision while Amelia bolts for the nearest exit just at the idea that you might be sharing the same room. In spite of their lack of enthusiasm you are always excited to see them and continue your efforts at catching them, never getting frustrated or upset no matter how often they run away.


I'm amazed by you every single day. You've changed from a poopy, fussy, slug-baby, into the most charming little boy, full of personality and light. You shine, little bean! People notice you wherever we go! At the Cherry Creek play area you'll crawl up to total strangers and give them your 1,000 watt smile and you're willing to try anything, crawling through a tunnel, going down a slide, flying on a swing, anything goes! I can't wait to see where that sense of adventure takes you and I'll be there, cheering you on!

Love Forever:

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