Friday, March 12, 2010

37 Weeks

So, here it is! Finally, an updated picture of the bump, quite a bit of growth since the last one. You'll have to excuse my missing head. Kris and I set this up with exactly 3 minutes of daylight left and our options were a bit limited when we went to look at all the shots we'd hurriedly snapped and this one, the one without my head, happened to be the only one in focus.

At my last appointment I was 50% effaced which apparently means I've been having contractions although I haven't felt a thing besides a few sharp jabs to the ribs.

I managed to catch a cold that has been "The Worst Cold in the History of Colds" since I can't take anything but I am on the mend and will do my best to remain as healthy as possible in these upcoming weeks.

Kris painted the nursery and the furniture will be painted by the middle of next week. We're hoping to have the room set up and ready to go by next weekend. I have a feeling the moment we get those sheets stretched over the mattress my water's going to break.

I feel like we are definitely ready to go, we have most of the essentials, just a few small things to pick up, like a diaper bag...something that doesn't scream "I'm carrying Diaper Rash Cream RIGHT HERE, people" or is a nauseating collection of pastels and cartoon characters.

I can't believe we're going to be parents.