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The Passing of Time

Chapter III
Grammar School And High School Days

There isn't anything about my grammar school days that is very outstanding or in the least bit unusual. The only thing that was different was our graduation exercises. We had an operatta(sic) of Cinderella. Norma Rudnay was Cinderella, and Howard Burke was the Prince. I sang in the chorus. I'd have died of fright if I'd had to get up on the stage and sing in front of a lot of people.
I got my first permanent for graduation, and I was as proud as a peacock.
In high school I went around with Annette Sittema, Lorraine Odziomek, and Eleanore Wisniowski, in the first year. In the second year I hung around with the same group. In my third year Lorraine Dykstra was added to the group. Every time grades have come out I have made the honor roll. I hope I can keep it up.
In my first year I joined Girl's Club and the Drum Corps. In my second year I was secretary of Girl's Club, and I joined the tumbling club. I was secretary of the Drum Corps also. In my third year I joined the Weld Scientific Club, and I was vice-president of that. Also, in my third year I was on the decorating committee for the Prom.
Every year the girls of Pullman Tech. put on a show. In my freshie year I was in a drill; in my sophomore year, I was in a drill, an Indian dance, and tumbling; this year I was in an Irish dance, tumbling, and a football number.
The night that is the most exciting of the whole school year is the night of Open House. It's a lot of fun to sit and do your work, and then look up to see a sea of admiring faces.
I'm getting along pretty well in typing and shorthand. In typing I've passed my sixty-five's and in shorthand I've passed my one hundred and sixty's.


Now That I Am A Junior

In coming back to school as a junior I felt quite grown up as I watched the freshmen wandering around the school. When I thought of my new subjects, thought, I didn't feel so superior.
Bookkeeping is my only new subject. I hope to get along with it, but there are always doubts about new subjects. I also have only one new instructor, but I feel that I will get along fine with her.
In looking ahead I hope to make new friends among the seniors and sophomores as well as among the freshmen. I also hope to get down to brass tacks and really study and get some enjoyment out of my classes.
My main ambition is to make the honor roll every time and also to become more popular. To sum it up, I hope for a pleasant and profitable year.


I Am Proud Of My Decision

I was beginning to feel very grown up in the latter part of my last year in grammar school, for I had a great problem to solve. Should I go to Pullman Tech. or Fenger? I was frightened of both places, but I had to go to one of them. After much worrying and making up my mind and changing it again, I decided on Pullman. Then I had to to the thing I dreaded most. Go to Pullman Tech., get an application, and fill it out. That day I got a glimpse of some of the girls in their smocks. From that time on I pictured myself wearing a smock.
I was accepted at Pullman, and in September, 1940, I was launched into a very wonderful four years at Pullman Tech. or I should say, three years since I'm only in my third year. I'm positive, though, that my fourth year will be just as enjoyable as the first three. I've had so much fun that I don't want to graduate, and that's really something because in grammar school I just hated school.
I'm proud to tell people I'm a student at Pullman Tech. and tell them about the wonderful stenographers Pullman turns out. I love to watch their jaws drop and their eyes widen when I tell them of the highest speeds. Proud? I should say so. When Pullman Tech. is complimented, I feel complimented. I wouldn't change my school for anything in the world!

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