Saturday, January 8, 2011

Journal: Nine Months

Dearest Bean,

This last month was the month of "The Great Crib Debacle of 2010" where all of a sudden you no longer were content to just sleep soundly and quietly in your crib. After heeding the advice of several baby safety articles I removed your bumper from the crib since you are at the point where you can easily pull yourself to a standing position and hurl your toys across the room. Not wanting you to use the bumper as a hoisting device to then hurl yourself directly to the wood floor below, the bumper was removed and retired to the closet. This, apparently, was a huge mistake because the moment we did that the moment you stopped sleeping well in your crib what with all the legs and arms getting stuck between the bars and bumping your noggin on the exposed slats. For five days your naps and nights were completely disturbed and finally, in desperation, I set up your Pack 'n' Play in the hopes that it's flexible, slat-free sides would help get you a full nights sleep and it worked! Hallelujah. We still haven't moved you back to your crib, we aren't quite ready to risk the disturbance in sleep.

In other giant news, I went back to work full time this January. I'll tell you all about the politics and reasons behind it when you get a little older but understand that it seems to have been a lot harder on me then you. Your Nana agreed to watch you full time and she's even agreed to watch another little bebe so you'll have a playmate. Your social skills have just exploded this last month, you are so demonstrative and curious. You love to watch other children and show the utmost patience when other little boys or girls invade your space or touch your face. Adults are delighted by you and you get compliments everywhere we go on what a charming and cute baby we have. You are definitely that.


You began waving. Not a beauty pageant wave but a whole-arm, frankenstein wave. You wave good bye and hello and sometimes you will just wave at the room in general or at your "Finding Nemo" Ball. You are also quite proficient at tearing your playroom apart in a matter of seconds. The other day I had to vacuum the rug in the living room and I wasn't quite sure how you would react, considering I haven't vacuumed in an embarrassingly long time. So, we fired it up and you got so excited! You charged across the room, crawling at top speed, laughing and went right up to that roaring vacuum and smacked the top of it, as if to say, "I'm the boss around here!" You are such a funny little nut!

Changing Table

We finally made it to story time several weeks ago and it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. You did great, chewing on our book of songs and playing with the instruments but I was hoping it would be a good social environment for mama's as well. Obviously, I have a lot to learn because not one other mama seemed interested in chatting it up and comparing poop stories. However, I was informed by a woman that I simply HAD to buy a certain children's music CD, one that happened to by playing in the room at the time, and that before long I would know the words to each and every song. Honestly, I was a bit horrified by this since the current CD playing sounded like a middle-aged man plucking away at his guitar that he hadn't quite learned how to play properly. I failed to mention that your music tastes at the moment resemble mine, with a heavy helping of hard rock and alternative music with a dash of Spanish guitar and you wouldn't know a nursery rhyme if it came up and poked you in the ear. Maybe it's a generational thing or maybe I just don't want you stuck in a world that is TOO kid-centric or maybe I can't stand the idea of listening to "Old McDonald" sung by a group of children handpicked by the Mickey Mouse Club. In the meantime, I'll just crank up the Metallica and hope for the best.

Tube & Crawl

At your Nine Month check up we found out that your growth is back on track after taking a break between month six and seven. Apart from that there's nothing much to report. Dr. Stein said you have a pretty boring and uneventful medical history and that's alright by us. We don't mind postponing the serious stomach viruses and whopping fevers until you're a bit older.


Christmas was a whirlwind. The tree held the biggest fascination for you and we spent a lot of our time putting up a wall of toss pillows to keep you from taking it apart ornament by ornament. We also got a good exercise of the word, "No" as well. We kept presents pretty simple this year, your wardrobe is impressive to say the least, so we focused more on interactive and developmental toys. Not that it made a bit of difference, for you it was all about the wrapping and ribbon and shoving it in your mouth. Through some bizarre oversight that I am going to write off as being overwhelmed by the holidays I forgot to buy the necessary ingredients for our Christmas dinner. For the past eight Christmas' we always do a lovely homemade dinner with a "from-scratch" apple pie but this year there wasn't an apple or a potato to be found in the kitchen and I had forgotten that everyone, EVERYONE, is closed on Christmas day. So, instead of pouring ourselves a festive bowl of cereal we struck out at 4:30 Christmas afternoon to see what we could see in the way of a holiday meal. It turns out, within a 15 miles radius of our house, the only food establishments that were open at all were Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. We were at the point of trying to decide which was the least likely that would give us diarrhea when we drove past a Mexican restaurant that had a cheery string of Christmas lights and an "Open" sign blazing. Let Heaven and Nature sing! We'd much rather hedge our bets with a taco dish than a mysterious bowl of Pho. And that's exactly what we did. Happy First Christmas, Little Bean! It was definitely a holiday to remember! We'll do better next year!

Love Forever:

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