Friday, April 2, 2010

41 weeks

There it is folks, the 32 lb. BUN in the oven. My due date has come and gone and the bean seems perfectly content where he's at. I haven't had a single hint of a contraction, there's a possibility I passed my mucus plug but apparently that doesn't mean very much. At my last appointment I was hooked up to the fetal heart monitor and some other device that measured contractions. Sadly, the only thing it ended up registering was my laughing fit. I've walked miles, heaved myself up and down our basement stairs countless times, and attempted squats and done just about everything a girl can do to get labor started. This is just one stubborn bean.

We met our pediatrician, a Dr. Stein, who's first name is Hal and not Franken, which is a real shame. He's wonderful, experienced, and he patiently sat through all our questions regarding vaccinations, circumcision, and rectal thermometers (is the rectal part really necessary?).

Here's hoping we'll have bigger news to report next time...

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