Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 Weeks

Last week Cohen graduated to his crib for beddy-bye time. He's been doing remarkably well and now he won't because I just tempted fate by putting that in writing. oh well.

His schedule is becoming more defined and we are getting better at reading his cues. I've changed approximately 7,392 diapers, have spent the better part of the last 14 days shirtless, and have taken 3 showers. I'm sure his first words are going to be, "hey, mama, you stink". To which I will reply, "I gave up personal hygiene to feed, bounce, bathe, and carry you and you WILL appreciate it."

Our washing machine is holding up well considering we've used it at least once EVERY SINGLE DAY since we got home from the hospital, including the time we popped a load in at 3 am because Cohen thought it would be hilarious to spit up 3 times (maybe to mark the hour) each episode just far enough apart that I had cleaned him, myself, the rocking chair, the changing pad, etc. by the time the next round of spew appeared. After frantically emailing several experts we were assured this is normal. Both the spit up AND the laundry.

He passed his two week Dr. appointment with flying colors. In the words of Dr. (Franken) Stein, "He's perfect." We would have to agree.

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