Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrity Encounter

Last night I had the opportunity of seeing, meeting, and listening to Heather B. Armstrong author extraordinaire of dooce.com and let me just say it went infinitely better than my encounter with Bill Cosby. For one she didn't try and have me shake her hand somewhere in the region of her crotch. She was just as funny and glowing but also gracious and charmingly humble about her overwhelming success in the blogosphere and of course I was anything but eloquent when it was my turn to have my copy of "It Sucked and Then I Cried" signed. Instead I just slid the book across the table and said, "Hi. I'm Ruth" immediately followed by the intense desire to crawl into a hole somewhere because I was such a sad, unimaginative git. Things only got worse as I mentioned that I was named after my Grandmother as if this is the most riveting personal fact about myself. It's just that I never know what to say to a celebrity that they haven't heard a thousand times before and while I'm positive she appreciates every bit of support and praise I just felt if I said, "Gosh, I totally love your website" it would just get lost in sea of a voices saying the EXACT same thing. So, instead I tell her about my Grandma! Someone please punch me in the face.

I was so caught up in the excitement of it all that I only managed to take a picture of my book and several blurred and jittery images of Heather. My camera probably decided to underperform in protest to being in the same room with Jon's AMAZING and UTTERLY PROFESSIONAL photography equipment. It's enough to make you want to estimate. $10,000? $18,500?

I only slightly redeemed myself when I had Jon sign my book and was able to hold a civilized conversation with him about Denver and his obvious love and admiration for his spouse. I had no idea he had the World's longest and thinnest legs, like stilts. Overall the evening was wonderful and I met an amazing group of local bloggers whose experience far exceeds my own and best of all we had plenty to talk about. Thanks to dooce.

p.s. dooce, I totally love your website!


Lisa said...

What a great story, thank you! Now I feel like much less dorky, I think many of us felt nervous to meet her royal dooce-ness. I know I was, but I'm so happy to have had the experience, and to be able read about other dooce fans via the great blogosphere. I wrote about my encounter, too: http://girlbert.com

Jolene said...

It was so nice to meet you and the other Dooce-heads on Monday. Meeting local bloggers was just as much fun as seeing Heather and Jon. Great review!