Monday, March 16, 2009

What Dreams May Come

I'm sure I will regret this post but last week I had the most bizarre and vivid dreams which included, but is not limited to, the following moments:

1. Seth Rogen told me I had beautiful toes.

2. Gas prices skyrocketed to $15.65 per gallon.

3. My mom purchased the home next to Rob Lowe and he had a clear unobstructed view of our sauna.

5. I was back at Bible camp where a disgruntled camper shouted, "Surfers don't eat Marie Callendar's!". I don't know any surfers who can confirm this statement.

6. Ellen Page dropped out of Home Ec once she learned I was enrolled.

7. During a chance encounter with Steven Spielberg I confessed I didn't care for his movies much. He didn't seem very phased.

8. All my teeth fell out. Probably in protest to my lack of interest to Spielberg films.

9. I swam with Tiger Sharks and Great Whites in Mexico. Thanks Eric.

10. I was attacked by aforementioned Tiger Sharks and Great Whites in Mexico.

11. I got the word "Muscle" tattooed on my wrist. I was filled with regret.

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