Monday, September 29, 2008


" I have the goggles now I wish I had an auto."

Kris and I popped by one of our many Antique Malls this past weekend and I stumbled across this huge display of vintage postcards from the early 1900's. I spent about 40 minutes flipping through all the categories and settled on these two. The first, because I'm a sucker for photographs like this (in your FACE, Anne Geddes), and I fully intend to exploit my own children in this manner when I have any. The second, because the inscription on the back references the illustration on the front. There is a giant yellow moon with an even larger spoon floating in front of it and in the corner is the word "Chums". Penned on the reverse side, in beautiful script, it says:

You're the Moon

And I'm the Spoon

Guess I'll have to

visit you in a balloon.

I don't know about you but that would have made my day.

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